OMG!!!I Need to know, have you seen The Amazing Spiderman 2 yet? Harry Osborn looks like Steve >w< Peter's following his daddy's taste


Believe it or not, I havent seen the second movie yet (of the first one, even though my family has it), It takes a while for me to actually sit down and watch a movie at home, cause I get distracted (usually I just see movies in theater, cause then its the main focus of the night)

Nooo you ship Natasha and Bucky .-.


Anon, its perfectly fine if you dont ship them and I respect your choice!

However, I would also appreciate it if you respect my pairing choices as well.

Also, please refrain from messaging others like that if they like a pairing you don’t (its just kinda disheartening and uncalled for, y’know?)

hi there! i hope this isnt too bothersome. over the past month, ive gotten really into drawing, but ive been having MAJOR trouble when it comes to hair and clothes. i follow a lot of art blogs, but your art and style is by far my favorite! i was wondering if you could do a tutorial of some kind on either hair or clothes? id be really grateful! your art is amazing, and i cant tell you how many times ive come here for inspiration after getting mad and wanting to quit drawing once and for all. <33


Hey anon! It’s awesome that you’re getting really into drawing! And man, I hear ya (drawing hair can be such a pain in the neck haha).

As truly honored as I am that you like my art style that much, I feel like there is still a lot for me to learn about before I consider trying to teach others. However, I shall link you to two tutorials that I think are pretty cool (the first one is one I often used from time to time myself!).

I really hope these help, and I really hope you continue to draw and improve! Seriously, anon! YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t give up! And hold onto all your old work so you can see how much you’ve improved as time goes on! 

And know you’ll always have my support! <3


To the daughter idea with Stony, Penny Parker? A fem! Peter?


I’ve seen those too! (I once did a drawing of Matt Murdock with Fem Peter a while back), so that idea is pretty cool too!

Am I the only person that thinks Penny is such a cute name though?

Natasha/bucky? natasha/bucky! Omg you ship it! I need it from you. oh, sounds so rude from me. BUT I NEED IT


It’s okay anon! It’s not rude! (seriously though they are so freaking cute)

I’ll be sure to draw some in the future! ;D

*gasps as I come back to life*I&#8217;m so sorry for the lack of updates guys! But here is some more monster!AU stuff (I was really shocked by how many of you guys wanted to see more ;u;)

*gasps as I come back to life*
I’m so sorry for the lack of updates guys! But here is some more monster!AU stuff (I was really shocked by how many of you guys wanted to see more ;u;)

Have you ever drawn Stony with a daughter? I mean I know they adopted peter and according to other blogs "there's no such thing as a daughter meant for Stony" and I just want to find a blog who thinks that they should have a daughter too because they would honestly be so overprotective of her.


To be honest I haven’t ever posted a drawing of them with a girl, but I personally think it would be adorable! 

I could see Steve wanting to name her after Peggy, but i dunno, I think Tony would be against naming a kid after someone who is dying/already dead.

But yes, them with a daughter would be adorable, however I dunno how i’d feel about putting in ocs to stories (heard some people say maybe it would be gwen? Since a lot of people doodle her as spiderman instead? I dunno :D)

a-ha haaa) checked out your blog, it's just a brain explosion. what a cutie


Aww thank you anon! 
Yes, it is always very fun exploding brains! :>

Two things: 1, do you have any other OTPs beside stony? And two, could you maybe do a picture of all the team together when you do take requests?


for question one; yep!
Steve/Peggy, Steve/Sam, Steve/Darcy, Natasha/Bucky, Natasha/Clint
And for ones outside of Avengers:
Eruri- Erwin and Levi (SNK), and MakoHaru (free) (I doodle them, but most of the time I don’t upload them here since im not sure if people want to see those haha)

For question two: Perhaps! If i get the inspiration to do so, I might be able to :D (but it depends also on your definition for the whole team, like does that also include Janet, Sam, T’challa etc? (or just the movieverse avengers team currently?)

I love your art so much! I love the boys in suits :)


Thanks anon!
And oh god yes. Especially when the shirt is slightly unbuttoned and they look dominant and have a powerful gaze!